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Performance comparison of electronic differential pressure switch and mechanical differential pressure switch

The working principle of
Mechanical differential pressure switch: micro switch action caused by pure mechanical deformation. When the pressure increases, the sensor pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) acting on different deformation, will move up, through the baluster spring and other mechanical structures, finally start the top micro switch, so that the electrical signal output

Electronic differential pressure switch: the main pressure sampling with pressure sensor, and directly by pressure sensor converts non-electricity - pressure can be directly measured power --, voltage or current, then through the signal conditioning circuit of sensor signal amplifier and attribute processing, finally through comparing circuit, makes the device at set pressure on the threshold, output level is a logic, the logic level can be input to the microcontroller, drive circuit or electric control switch in the back. The user can determine the pressure value of the action of the differential voltage switch by setting the level conversion threshold.

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points
No need calibrate, easy adjust by Pressing Button Key, Made by A.YITE TECH

Mechanical differential pressure switch: accuracy (usually ±5%)
Electronic differential pressure switch: built-in precise pressure transmitter, high precision (accuracy is generally ±0.5%F.S, high ±0.2%F.S)

Signal output
Mechanical differential pressure switch: mechanical deformation to convert switch volume
Electronic differential pressure switch: relay signal, stable output signal

Pressure setting value:
Mechanical differential pressure switch: set value adjustable, some not adjustable. There's a dead zone regression
Electronic differential pressure switch: no dead zone can be adjusted and the operating pressure point of relay can be set arbitrarily

Pressure display:
Mechanical differential pressure switch: generally does not display pressure function
Electronic differential pressure switch: digital display function (4 LED display), real-time display of the current pressure value

Power supply:
Mechanical differential pressure switch: no power supply required
Electronic differential pressure switch: power supply required

Mechanical differential pressure switch: the service life varies, the 101NN series differential pressure switch of Hong Kong aiit brand can reach the service life of ten years, while the common differential pressure switch of tens of yuan on the market, the service life may be less than one year
Electronic differential pressure switch: life about 3 years



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