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User Manual of GE-316 Flow Switch ATEX

I. product introduction

GE - 316 explosion-proof flow switch is a safety type baffle type water flow switch, this product is designed by AYT companies in the United States, Hong Kong ai kuyt, default explosive-proof grade ExiaIICT6 ExibICT6, the explosion-proof flow switch is mainly used for surveillance in the pipeline flow, the explosion protection, prevent leakage of the main body, the structure is very compact, dedicated to the monitoring of liquid, gas or air flow rate, it USES magnetic action, no mechanical components, it is not easy to damage., this explosion-proof flow switch can provide Hong Kong quality certification center HKQC provides mine explosion-proof certificate

Connection and installation of explosion-proof flow switch and pipeline

1. The installation piping shall be placed horizontally and away from the pump outlet and pipe turning to smooth the water flow

2. If the installed pipe is vertical, it is recommended that water flow upwards

3. Add raw material belt to the joint of thread to prevent water leakage and oil leakage

Connection of explosion-proof flow switch
1. The explosion-proof flow switch is in the form of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof. The electrical parts are sealed in the metal shell and directly come out of a basic explosion-proof cable. If the length of the wire is not enough, the user can extend the wire by adding an explosion-proof junction box at the end of the wire. When opening the cover of the junction box, make sure the power is off and the wires are not live

2. This product is intrinsically safe explosion-proof product. If it is used in flammable and explosive environment, it must use 24V or 12V dc safety voltage.
Safety grid requirements: ExiaIIC, Um≤250V, Uo≤24V DC, Io≤100mA, Po≤ 2.4w, Co≤ 1.7xf

If the product is used in the explosion-proof place, the life of the product is three years. If it is in the high temperature environment, the life is shorter. It is suggested to replace it regularly to avoid the risk caused by the aging of the wire skin (please contact our company to order).



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