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User Manual of GE-341 Flame Proof Paddle Flow Switches

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1、 Product introduction

GE-341 explosion-proof flow switch is an explosion-proof baffle type water flow switch. This product is designed by ayt company in the United States and manufactured by A.YITE TECH in Hong Kong. The default explosion-proof level is ExdIIBT4, which can provide customized services. The customized explosion-proof level is exdiict6, Or exdict6, this explosion-proof flow switch can be customized for the mine underground environment explosion-proof flow switch, and can provide the mine explosion-proof certificate provided by Hong Kong Quality Certification Center hkqc

2、 Connection and installation of explosion-proof flow switch and pipeline

1. The installation pipeline needs to be placed horizontally and far away from the pump outlet and the pipeline corner to make the water flow stable

2. The baffle shall cross cut the pipeline so that the baffle can bear the impact of water flow to the lowest extent, and then push the baffle through water flow

3. If the pipe diameter is too small and the baffle needs to be cut, the baffle should have enough length in the pipeline as far as possible, and the distance between the bottom of the baffle and the bottom of the pipeline should be 2-3mm; if there is deposition at the bottom, the distance should be increased to ensure that the baffle activities are not hindered

3、 Wiring of explosion-proof flow switch

1. The explosion-proof flow switch is of explosion-proof type. When opening the cover of the junction box, make sure that the power is cut off and the wire cannot be charged

2. The switch shall be connected with 5v-36v DC power supply. If it is used in explosion-proof environment, the maximum power supply shall not exceed 24V DC, and the maximum current shall not exceed 0.1A



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