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Selection for air flow switch

Air flow switch is also known as gas flow switch, air flow switches, generally used to monitor the flow of air or ventilation pipeline, when the air flow rate is too small or too large, output switch signal, cut off the main engine or close the circuit to perform related operations. Colloquially speaking, this is the upper or lower limit alarm function.

According to the different application sites, the selected flow switches are also different. Below, we recommend different air flow switches according to different fluid conditions or workplaces.

ATEX Air Wind Flow Velocity Meter

ATEX Explosion Proof Air Flow Switch
0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA RS-485, max temperature 600C

1. Explosion-proof place.
Explosion proof places, that is, flammable and explosive places, places where flammable gases, vapors, dust or fibers may cause fire or explosion hazards. Such a place requires the installation of equipment to require explosion-proof performance, that is to say, the need to install explosion-proof flow switch. At present, the ge-374-ex and ge-325 explosion-proof flow switches of Hong Kong aiit company can meet this requirement

2. Hot air
Suitable for high temperature air flow switch, most of the requirements of the metal flow switch, at the same time the electrical components should be separated from the fluid for a long distance. At present, GE- 374-ex series explosion-proof high temperature resistant air flow switches can meet this requirement

3. High pressure piping
Due to the high pressure of the pipeline, the sensor components are required to have a high pressure capacity. If there is no requirement for explosion protection, high temperature, etc., ge-328 series flow switches will be a very affordable choice

4. Corrosive gases
If the air in the pipeline is mixed with corrosive gases, then the corrosion-resistant probe must be selected. In this case, we need to recommend suitable products according to the fluid speed. Generally, the ge-313 or ge-328-ptfe series can be used for gas flow switches

The product models listed above are all flow switches produced by Hong Kong aiit company. For specific parameters, please consult the sales staff



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