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Main applications of wind speed sensors

Wind speed sensor is also known as air velocity sensor, wind speed transmitter, air velocity meter, etc. If classified according to the principle, it can be divided into: thermal wind speed sensor, pitot tube type wind speed sensor, etc. According to the test range and test parameters, it can be divided into: medium-high temperature wind speed sensor, breeze speed sensor, explosion-proof wind speed sensor, etc

The main applications of wind speed sensors are as follows:

1. Air conditioning factories, installation and commissioning departments of air conditioners and engineering quality inspection departments shall install wind speed sensors on the air ducts of the ventilation system as long as there are air conditioners

2. Power system, thermal power plant, triple power station, etc. are used to monitor the stability and sustainability of air supply

Energy saving test center

4. Cigarette manufacturing plant, tobacco drying, transportation, air drying and other processes

5. Production and drying of polyester filament and polyester filament

6. Powder injection (penicillin, etc.) workshop of pharmaceutical factory and sub-assembly workshop or pharmaceutical industry

7. Electronic workshop ensures the ventilation performance of the workshop environment, electronic cleaning industry, clean workshop, etc

8. The school's department of architectural engineering or hvac laboratory's institute of architectural design

9. Paint workshop, automobile internal air conditioning performance test, the influence of wind speed on automobile and other comprehensive tests, and the use of wind speed sensor for various indicators measurement

10. Wind speed sensors of epidemic prevention stations (inspection, quality inspection, etc.) in all provinces and cities shall be used together to achieve epidemic prevention safety indexes

11. Inspection of ventilation pipes, etc. (wind speed sensor ensures the safety of production environment). Applicable instrument: metallurgy, chemical industry, etc



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