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Difference between Mechanical and Electronic differential pressure switch in function and principle

What is a mechanical differential pressure switch? What is an electronic differential pressure switch? What is the difference between mechanical differential pressure switch and electronic differential pressure switch in function and principle?

1. What is mechanical differential pressure switch?

Mechanical differential pressure switch is a mechanical device with pure mechanical deformation to guide the micro switch action. As the pressure increases, the different pressure-sensing components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) will distort and move upwards. Through mechanical structures, such as armrest springs, the top microswitch will be activated and the electrical signal will eventually be output. The pressure controller for the differential pressure switch is in this form.

Mechanical differential pressure switches for the auto flushback filter

Differential Pressure Switches for the Auto Backflush Filter
(Adjustable D-P Switch, GE-511 series Mechanical DP Switch, made by A.YITE TECH)

2 what is an electronic differential pressure switch?
In recent years, electronic differential pressure switch in the market is a new product, generally used in place of electrical contact pressure gauge, mainly used in the industrial control requirements of the system. The differential pressure switch has a built-in precision pressure sensor that amplifies pressure signals through a high-precision instrument amplifier and collects and processes data through a high-speed MCU
Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Electronic Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points
No need calibrate, easy adjust by Pressing Button Key, Made by A.YITE TECH

Generally speaking, the electronic differential pressure switch adopts 4 LED display screens for real-time digital display. It can output 2 SPDT relay switch signals and set up upper and lower control points freely. It has the advantages of small lag, anti-vibration, fast response speed and strong stability. Reliability and high accuracy (usually ± 0.5% FS and up to ± 0.2% FS).

The electronic differential pressure switch can effectively protect the repeated action caused by the pressure fluctuation by using the back difference setting. It is a kind of high-precision equipment for detecting pressure and liquid level signals, which can realize the monitoring of pressure and liquid level. Its characteristics are: electronic display screen intuitive, high accuracy, long service life, through the display screen convenient to set the control point, but the price is relatively high, the need for power.



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