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Be Careful When You Adjust A Pressure Switch

There are live electrical contacts exposed on a pressure switch, one you remove the cap. If you touch them, especially being near water piping, there may be a serious-risk of death by electrocution. Watch what you touch, or have a professional plumber / electrician adjust the pressure switch for you.

Even after you've turned off the power, test to be sure it's off, never assume that you are powered down! I tend to always go the electrical panel anyway the find the correct breaker to the pump, from experience I always lean on the side of caution.

There's also a possibility that the electrical breaker is not correctly labeled.

I see lots of guys adjust without powering down, I was taught to do that by one of the engineers. I trained under and I was electrocuted.  It's a really BAD idea, my hair has never been the same since.

Unless you know exactly what you're doing when you adjust a pressure switch you really should not be messing with a pressure system, those of us who do this work are trained and familiar with checking on other issues that may go unnoticed.  We highly recommend that you have your water well system inspected and serviced every year by a professional,

Recommended Differential Pressure Switches:

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points
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