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9 Precautions for Installing Differential Pressure Switch

1. Position selection of pressure interface
(1) Avoid the area where the pipe bends, bifurcates and the current beam forms eddy current.
(2) When there are protruding objects (such as temperature measurement components) in the pipeline, pressure shall be taken in front of them.
(3) When it is necessary to apply pressure near the regulating valve, if the pressure valve is located in the front of the valve, the distance from the valve shall not be less than 2 times of the pipe diameter; if the pressure interface is located in the back, the distance from the valve shall not be less than 3 times of the pipe diameter.
(4) For wider vessels, the pressure interface should be located in the area where the fluid flow is stable and there is no vortex. In short, the position of the pressure tap determined during the process shall be such that the process parameters to be selected can be measured.

differential pressure switches for the auto flushback filter

Differential Pressure Switches for the Auto Backflush Filter

2. Laying connecting conduit
The horizontal part of the connecting conduit shall have a certain inclination to facilitate the removal of condensate or gas. When the measured medium is gas, the conduit shall be inclined to the pressure tap; when the measured medium is liquid, the conduit shall be inclined to the pressure measuring instrument; when the measured parameter is a small pressure difference, the inclination may be slightly larger. In addition, if the conduit rotates up and down, the drain condensing device shall be arranged at the lowest point or the exhaust device shall be arranged at the highest point according to the medium condition in the conduit to ensure that the accumulation of condensate or gas in the conduit will not affect the measurement for a long time. Condensate or gas shall be discharged regularly.
3. If the differential pressure switch is installed outdoors, sufficient protection measures shall be taken to prevent the differential pressure switch from being damaged by corrosive gas, rapidly changing ambient temperature, solar radiation, water penetration and other factors;
4. The setting value of the differential pressure switch should be in the middle of the adjustable range of the pressure switch (20% - 80% of the upper limit value)
5. The on-off current of the differential pressure switch shall not be greater than the rated value (if the contact frequently acts, it is better not to exceed 60% of the rated value)
6. For liquid medium with peak value of pulse digital pressure gauge and digital pressure gauge, damper interface can be installed to eliminate drift of setting value and excessive wear of equipment.
7. When installing the conductor of the differential pressure switch, the conductor shall be sealed at the lead-in place to prevent the conductor from loosening and water flow and other liquid infiltration.
8 before opening the cover plate of differential pressure switch assembly, please cut off the power supply to ensure reliable grounding in the switch body.
9. The high and low air inlets of the differential pressure switch shall not be connected reversely, otherwise the differential pressure switch will not work.
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