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The Signal Weakness of Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

When the ultrasonic flowmeter is installed, the signal strength of the ultrasonic sensor is large enough without any defects, but after a successful operation period, the signal of the ultrasonic sensor may become smaller and weaker. The causes of this problem may be as follows:

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter EU-108

1. First, confirm whether the pipe is full filled by water flow.

2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, the ultrasonic sensor can be installed at an Angle to the pipe diameter, rather than the horizontal pipe diameter. Method Z should be used.

3. Select the dense part of the pipe again and polish it. Apply enough coupling agent and then reinstall the ultrasonic sensor.

4. Carefully move each probe around the mounting point to find the maximum signal point to prevent the ultrasonic beam from being reflected out of the expected area due to scaling on the inner wall of the pipe or local deformation of the pipe. Slowly look for an installation point that can receive a strong signal.

5. For metal pipes with severe scaling on the inner wall, the scaling part can be dropped or broken by percussion vibration. However, it should be noted that this method sometimes does not help the ultrasonic transmission due to the gap between the scaling and the inner wall.



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