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Application Field of Humidity Temperature Transmitter

Temperature and humidity sensors are devices that convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed. Temperature and humidity sensors on the market are generally used to measure temperature and relative humidity. Application fields: food industry, file management, greenhouse, animal breeding, all kinds of animals under different temperature will show different growth condition, the goal of high quality and high yield depends on appropriate environment), drug store, hvac, machine room monitoring, building the environmental control, automation of agricultural production, food chemical production environment monitoring, large internal environmental monitoring equipment, computer room, library, museum and the laboratory.

Duct type Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Ventilation Duct type Temperature Humidity Transmitter

The following 6 areas focus on the application of temperature and humidity transmitters:

1. Application in IT industry
The IT industry is also known as the information technology industry. IT is a booming industry, a fastest growing industry, an industry that has created numerous myths, and an industry with the highest testing standards. If home appliances need to be tested for temperature rises, the IT industry must do the same. Because who can guarantee that computers that work more than 10 hours will not cause security problems due to heat? In addition, in the process of plate and welding pin, also need to monitor the temperature. We all know that a CPU that is too hot can cause a computer to crash, so if you are too hot during processing, can you cause a processor failure? There is no doubt that both the plate making and finished products of the machine need to be tested for temperature rise.

2. Application in vaccine cold chain
In the process of cold chain storage and transportation of biological products such as biological vaccines from finished product warehouses in pharmaceutical factories to relevant populations, the quality of biological products can be confirmed and the effectiveness of vaccines can be determined by monitoring and recording the ambient temperature. The temperature and humidity transmitter can solve this problem conveniently and reliably.

Different vaccines require different temperatures for storage and transportation. In order to ensure the safety of bacteria and vaccines during storage and transportation, it is necessary to test and record the ambient temperature during storage and transportation throughout the process, and it should be fully automated, without any human factors, so as to improve the reliability of data. The high quality, high precision temperature and humidity transmitter is perfect for this function because it can be recorded for long periods of time without external power supply.

3.. Application in test certification industry
If household electrical products are to be marketed, they must pass the 3C CE certification. Therefore, each inspection bureau or certification authority must carry out tests in accordance with national standards, and the temperature rise test is the more important one.

"In addition to the temperature rise of the insulation of the windings, it is necessary to determine the temperature rise of the other electrical insulation on the surface of the insulator. 2. Contact between live parts; And accessible metal parts; 3. Jumper insulation; 4. Creepage distance or electrical clearance shall be reduced below the specified value;

The temperature and humidity transmitter can record the changes of temperature and humidity for a long time to provide reference for the mechanical and electrical products in operation. For example, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, juicers, microwave ovens, etc. (of course, they all have their own standards), all of which need to be tested by safety regulations (temperature rise detection is part of safety regulations). Generally speaking, most of the electrical heating may have to pass the safety test, that is to say, most have mechanical and electrical laboratory or related laboratory enterprises will use the temperature and humidity transmitter.

4. Application in building materials experiment
In the drying process of building materials, especially concrete, attention should be paid to the drying trend, which is one of the indicators for evaluating products and also provides reliable data for construction parties. The application of the temperature and humidity transmitter can record these data and provide them to the building materials research department, which will provide beneficial assistance for construction. Especially in military buildings, time is life. Accurate timing of concrete drying is the first step towards the enemy, ensuring an effective supply of fresh troops to the battlefield. This function can be accomplished by temperature and humidity transmitters.

5. Application in food storage and transportation
Since the storage and transportation time of food is not a short-term problem, the relative equilibrium humidity in food preservation is an important index to ensure food safety. Relative equilibrium humidity directly affects colony growth. The balance of hygroscopic material relative humidity plays a decisive role. Equilibrium relative humidity is defined as the humidity value obtained from the surrounding air when substances in the air and water do not exchange. The definition is clear. In order to store and maintain these products successfully, environmental climate control and packaging must be carefully specified. At the same time, many foods taste worse if they are too dry. In this case, the changes in temperature and humidity need to be recorded in real time to ensure food safety into the consumer's mouth.

When transporting food over long distances or by sea where it is refrigerated and refrigerated, it is very important to certify that the goods are under specified temperature and humidity conditions at the time of receipt. The way to resolve the dispute is to place a temperature sensor in the hold and activate it at the time of delivery. It faithfully records changes in temperature and humidity throughout the journey, and the carrier will immediately know if it is responsible.

6. Application in the management of cultural relics and archives in museums
This is another area where temperature and humidity transmitters are used. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, the paper can be stored for more time. Once temperature and humidity conditions are compromised, the paper will become brittle and important data will disappear. Records of temperature and humidity must be kept to prevent the occurrence of malignant accidents. The use of temperature and humidity transmitter will simplify the work of temperature and humidity recording, save the cost of cultural relics storage, so that this work is scientific without too much human interference.



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