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The Importance of Temperature and Humidity Sensor

The computer room is the center of data exchange and storage, where a large number of complex servers, switches, routers, disk arrays, and other devices are stored. To protect the equipment, once the temperature exceeds the set value, the equipment will automatically stop operation. At the same time, temperature and humidity will also affect the service life of the equipment, so the construction environment of the machine room is an essential part

In our lives, we should always be concerned about changes in temperature and humidity. Only by grasping the differences and changes of the environment can we survive and develop.

Characteristics of temperature and humidity transmitter:
1. Real-time display of temperature and humidity measurement value of monitoring point
2. Support 485 industrial bus and TCP/IP Ethernet communication
3. Set the upper and lower limits of the temperature to alarm, and send a text message to the mobile phone automatically when alarm, and use the mobile phone to check the temperature and humidity value in real time, so as to easily realize unattended
4. Automatic alarm. When the measured value exceeds the upper limit alarm value, the automatic alarm will be switched
5. 36 temperature and humidity transmitters can be inserted into the system, using the transmission function of the main power cord

6 network functions, can be compatible with GPRS system, to achieve remote multi-user use

Duct type Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Duct type Temperature Humidity Transmitter

● hospital/laboratory
● refrigeration control
Low pharmaceutical
Low housed separately
● HVAC/ building control
● energy management system (EMS)
Low enthalpy control
● indoor air quality (IAQ)
When the cleanroom
● museums/archives



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