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Application of Temperature Transmitter

The industrial thermocouple and thermal resistance signals are converted into output signals of 4-20ma and 0-10ma that are linear with the input signal or with the temperature signal. The temperature transmitter can be directly installed in the junction box of the thermocouple and thermal resistance to form an integrated structure.

The thermocouple transmitter of the temperature transmitter module has the function of automatic temperature compensation at the cold end. The temperature transmitter module has high precision, low power consumption, wide range of ambient temperature, stable and reliable operation. Temperature transmitter module applicable scope wide, can form integrated installation structure with thermocouple, heat resistance, can also be used as a functional modules installed on the testing equipment and instrument panel use it as a new generation of thermometer table can be widely applied to metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, textile, food, national defense and scientific research and other industrial sectors.

1. Connect different types of temperature transmitters according to the instructions. For the explosion-proof instrument with safety spark circuit, do not connect the wiring incorrectly, and carefully check the short circuit or the wrong connection.
2. The input of the thermal resistance transmitter is three-wire system. The line resistance of each connection shall be equal and at the same ambient temperature.
3. When using the temperature transmitter, please pay special attention to the difference between ordinary type and intrinsically safe type. The normal type cannot be installed in the dangerous area, while the intrinsically safe type can be installed in the dangerous area.
4. Wiring: the wiring of the safety spark circuit (input signal line) must be insulated or shielded. The wiring of non-safety spark circuit should be isolated from each other to avoid mutual contact.

5. In principle, it is not allowed to remove the components of the safety spark circuit and change the instrument wiring. If it needs to be replaced, it should be in accordance with the explosion protection requirements.
6. During regular inspection, in order to accurately read the data, connect digital voltmeters between the output terminals for measurement, without removing the safe spark return circuit.
7. After the failure of the instrument, the power should be cut off for inspection until the fault is found before power supply.
8. The temperature transmitter should be kept clean during operation.



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