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How to deal with the problem of electronic differential pressure switches

Compared with the mechanical differential pressure switch, the electronic differential pressure switch is a new type of intelligent pressure control products, can achieve freedom set upper and lower control points, and the differential pressure switch can provide resistance to vibration, very stable and reliable, can very good protection and control equipment, and electronic display intuitive, intelligentize degree is high, meet the control demand, it is more convenient to adjust.

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

1. No display if turn on power

Check whether the wiring of the aviation plug is wrong; If the power is turned on or off or the power supply is unstable, it will not be displayed suddenly, which may be the damage of the internal voltage stabilizing module.

Solution: return to manufacturer for maintenance.

2. No change in pressure

Verify that pressure is being used but not added to the pressure detection port of the differential pressure switch. Solution: connect the pressure to the port of the differential pressure switch.

Under pressure, press the key to go inside to check for zero. Normally, this value is about 3,700 when the pressure is in the full range. When the pressure is half, the value is about 1700; When there is no pressure, the value is about 300. If it is in the normal range, it may be due to human manipulation of the zeros and the zeros are cleared under pressure. Solution: reset zero without pressure.

If the value is not in these ranges, the sensor should be corrupted. Solution: return to manufacturer for maintenance.

3. No response when pressing the key

Check whether the keys on the panel buttons are too high. Solution: remove the panel and then use a blade to cut the soft glue on the key to make it level with the panel.

Press the button and make a sound, but the panel does not display the relevant button operation. The keys should be damaged. Solution: return to manufacturer for maintenance.

You can't hear the sound when you press the button. The fault is that the key is too low. The soft glue on the keys may be damaged. How to handle it: remove the panel and click some hot melt glue or other glue on the button, otherwise, please contact the manufacturer for repair.

4. The relay cannot operate the switch

Check that the action point is set correctly, and that the return value is set (usually set to 0); Listen carefully for the sound absorption of the relay. If there is no relay to absorb the sound, then the relay is broken. Solution: return to manufacturer for maintenance;



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