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10 aspect should be paid attention when install ultrasonic flow meter

1) when measuring the mixed phase fluid, select the conditions that will not cause phase separation; When measuring two-component liquids, avoid installing them downstream of uneven mixing. When measuring the chemical reaction piping, it shall be installed downstream of the fully completed reaction section;

Ultrasonic Flow Meter EU-108

Ultrasonic Flow Meter EU-108

2) for the installation of ultrasonic flow timing, attention must be paid to ensure that the flow meter has no pressing end accessories during the use. Ideally, wire hoses should be used.
3) select places with low vibration, especially for integrated instruments;
4) keep the flow meter away from large motors and transformers to avoid electromagnetic interference;
5) easy to realize the installation position of sensor independent grounding;
6) try to avoid high concentration of corrosive gas in the surrounding environment;
7) it is best to use upstream and downstream isolated full hole ball valves to facilitate instrument installation or disassembly.
8) relative humidity is within the range of 10%-90%;
9) avoid direct sunlight as much as possible;
10) keep away from rain and water to ensure that the meter is not washed under high pressure.
If the protection class is IP67 (dust and moisture) or IP68 (dust and diving), the above 8 and 10 requirements are not required.



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