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Application and Feature of High Frequency Pressure Transmitter

High frequency pressure sensor is a kind of commonly used force sensor, which is widely used in military engineering, chemical explosion experiment, hydraulic power machinery, automobile industry, engineering machinery, mechanical testing, internal combustion engine, engine and other industries. When using the high frequency pressure sensor, we need to know it.

High Frequency Pressure Transmitter

GE-201 Industry Pressure Transmitter

Application field of high frequency pressure sensor

High frequency pressure sensor is designed according to the special requirements of high frequency system for pressure sensor. In scientific tests and modern instruments such as military engineering, chemical explosion experiment, oil exploration and production and well test, material, mechanics, civil engineering, rock mechanics, trauma medicine, hydraulic power mechanical test, etc., it is necessary to measure some high frequency and pressure waveforms without distortion The dynamic pressure waveform, amplitude and effective value of fast and steep rise require the pressure sensor to have high natural frequency, very short rise time and wide excellent response frequency, so as to ensure sufficient dynamic pressure measurement accuracy, which is suitable for the use of strong vibration and impact force.

Features of high frequency pressure sensor
1. The equipment of high frequency pressure sensor is very simple and convenient in the transportation process. It is also very convenient in operation and reliable in operation.
2. The sensor has a flush packaging design of the pressure sensing film, which completely eliminates the cavity effect, so the frequency response of the sensor is very high.
3. Fast response speed and high upload frequency.
4. Portable thread installation, accurate measurement.



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