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Anti corrosion and explosion-proof PTFE Teflon flow switch

Brief introduction of explosion-proof flow switch:

The explosion-proof flow switch researched and developed by the company is divided into two types: explosion-proof type and intrinsic safety type. The compound Teflon explosion-proof and corrosion-proof flow switch is an intrinsic safety explosion-proof flow switch. The explosion-proof flow switch can provide very reliable and stable repeated switch settings in dangerous situations. According to different principles, explosion-proof flow switch can be divided into mechanical flow switch and thermal conduction flow switch. No matter what principle of explosion-proof flow switch is, it can be applied in the dangerous situation requiring intrinsic safety or explosion-proof, and used to automatically protect equipment and pipeline system from the damage caused by flow reduction or cut-off.

Brief introduction of anti-corrosion flow switch:

The corrosion-resistant flow switch provided by Shanghai lanmo is a plastic flow switch mainly made of Teflon, which has excellent corrosion resistance. All flow switch components in contact with the liquid are made of composite Teflon, which can be used in strong acid and alkali liquids such as sulfuric acid, as well as various chemical solutions, wastewater and sewage. This product is produced and processed by injection molding. Compared with machining products, it has the advantage of low price.

Brief introduction of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof flow switch:
This flow switch, which can be anti-corrosion and explosion-proof, is introduced by our company. It adopts the intrinsically safe explosion-proof principle and composite Teflon raw materials. All parts in contact with the liquid are made of corrosion-resistant plastic materials.
*The output of this flow switch is a passive dry contact signal, which does not need separate power supply,
*Can be used for pipe diameter of dn15-dn400
*The working voltage is 5v-48v DC / AC
*The maximum pipe pressure is 10 bar
*At present, the product is in the process of applying for explosion-proof certificate for mining and explosion-proof certificate for petrochemical and dust environment



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