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The Repair Sika flow switch VHS25 maintenance

Sika instrument company was founded in 1901. Sika instrument company is a professional measuring instrument manufacturer with a history of 100 years.  Some flow switches are broken, and users have to buy expensive original products through retailer, often costing so most, which consumers can't bear!

Recently, we encountered a case where the Sika flow control switch vhs25moinduc03 on the user's machine failed to work normally, which seems to be broken. Its C parameter is 26va / 1A / 230V 20W / 1A / 48V, and the field picture is as follows:

According to the product parameters and appearance of Sika, our technicians recommended GE-315 series products to customers. On the site, customers only need to screw off the hexagon nuts on the three-way valve body, and then replace the products recommended by us to complete the replacement and installation. With the wiring time, the total time is less than five minutes. And its cost, less than USD80.00, less than half of the original products. The warranty period of our recommended replacement products can be extended to three years (the original ones seem to be only one year)
Here are the replacement photos

Sika flow switch maintenance

maintence sika flow switch VHS25



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