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Differences and Associations between wind speed sensor and air volume sensor?

The wind speed sensor is different from the air volume sensor, but there is a certain correlation between them. The air volume is equal to the product of the wind speed and the cross section of the flow passage. Therefore, the air volume sensor should be the result of the conversion of the wind speed sensor.

ATEX Air Wind Flow Velocity Meter

ATEX Explosion Proof Air Flow Velocity Transmitter 
0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA RS-485, max temperature 600C

The characteristics of wind speed sensor include miniaturization, digitalization, intellectualization, multifunction, systematization and networking. It is the first step to realize automatic detection and control. With the existence and development of sensors, the version makes objects have sense organs such as touch, taste and smell, and makes objects slowly become alive. Generally, according to its basic sensing function, it can be divided into ten categories: heat sensitive element, light sensitive element, gas sensitive element, force sensitive element, magnetic sensitive element, humidity sensitive element, sound sensitive element, radiation sensitive element, color sensitive element and taste sensitive element.

Explosion proof wind speed sensor, as the name implies, is an instrument for monitoring wind speed and air volume, and has explosion-proof performance. Maybe most people are not very familiar with it. Why do I say that? That's because the wind speed sensor is generally used in coal mining and excavation work, or in the flammable and explosive fields such as petrochemical industry. It can be imagined how special its function and application are. Ordinary people can't touch this product. The explosion-proof air volume sensor can continuously monitor the wind speed and air volume (air volume = wind speed x cross-sectional area) of the above locations, and can display the wind speed and air volume of the roadway in real time. It is an important instrument for the measurement of mine ventilation safety parameters.

A high-quality wind speed sensor shall have the following characteristics:
Automatic zero adjustment function;
Automatic sensitivity adjustment function;
Local display of measured value;
Audible and visual alarm function;
Good stability.
Precautions for wind speed sensor:
1. The explosion-proof type wind speed sensor must be selected to use in combustible gas environment,
2. It is forbidden to place the probe of non explosion-proof wind speed sensor in combustible gas.
1. Do not disassemble or refit the wind speed sensor;
2. Do not expose the probe and the anemometer body to the rain;
3. Do not touch the sensor inside the probe;
4. Do not place the anemometer in a place with high temperature, humidity, dust and direct sunlight;
5. Do not wipe the wind speed sensor with volatile liquid;
6. Do not drop or press the wind speed sensor;
7. Do not touch the sensor part of the probe when the anemometer is live.



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