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User Manual of V10 V11 V10SS Flow Switches

1、 V10 / v10ss / V11 flow switch product overview

V10 / v10ss water flow switch is a new type of baffle type flow switch developed and designed by Hong Kong a.yite company. The baffle is made of stainless steel. The target plate is very hard and not easy to break or bend. Its performance is better than that of ordinary flow switch. All are supplied in plug-in construction with 1 / 2 "connecting thread or other sizes. According to the user's requirements, it can be made of various corrosion-resistant materials.

2、 Main technical indicators
◆ ambient temperature: - 40-90 ℃
◆ installation position: the arrow on the shell is consistent with the flow direction
◆ medium temperature: - 40-150 ℃
◆ installation pipeline: DN15 ~ DN50
◆ contact capacity: AC250V 0.2A (resistive), 0.1 (inductive), a pair of normally open (or normally closed) nodes.
◆ withstand voltage: 10MPa
◆ connecting thread: G1 / 2 "tapered pipe thread or other dimensions

◆ protection standard: IP65

3、 Installation of V10 / V11 flow switch on water flow pipe
1. The connecting thread is 1 / 2 "tapered pipe thread. Pay attention to wrapping polytetrafluoroethylene raw material tape on tapered thread during installation.
2. The flow direction of baffle and medium is the same.
3. There should be a long straight pipe section before and after the flow switch, which is larger than 5 times of the pipe diameter.
4. If it is necessary to cut the baffle on site, pay attention to the pipe diameter of the tee to ensure that more than 2 / 3 baffle is inserted into the pipe.

4、 Setting of switch action value
If the user requires to set the switch point accurately, please put forward it to the factory for calibration at the time of purchase. When the reed switch (black plastic part) moves against the water flow direction, the action value increases (i.e. a larger flow is required to open the switch), otherwise, the action value decreases. Lock the screws after adjustment. After the user obtains the flow switch, he can be familiar with the operation process of the switch first, and then set it. When the switch is not installed on site, move the baffle by hand, and repeat it after adjustment to verify whether the switch point setting is accurate. In order to monitor whether the switch acts, a multimeter can be connected to the switch circuit to judge whether the action occurs.



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