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User Manual of PVC Flow Switches

Product overview:

Ge-313ad series PVC pipe type water flow switch is a set of PVC three-way pipe baffle type flow switch designed and developed by ayt company in the United States. The switch is installed properly on the PVC three-way pipe when leaving the factory, and the user can directly connect the pipe when using. All materials in contact with the liquid are plastic materials, which can be used for various corrosive fluids, such as factory wastewater treatment, sewage cut-off blockage monitoring and other places.

The pipe diameter of this PVC flow switch is divided into national standard and European standard. At present, the domestic spot is national standard pipe, which is our most common PVC pipe. The PVC pipe diameter is 20mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm 75mm 90mm 100mm 110mm and other specifications respectively

1、 Electrical connection
This PVC pipe flow switch adopts passive dry contact reed with maximum load of 70W, 12V or 24V is recommended. If it is necessary to use 220V or higher voltage, use relay to control the circuit.
2、 Connection to pipes
2.1 the flow switch adopts domestic standard PVC pipe, which can be connected with PVC pipe of corresponding pipe diameter by bonding. Try to install it in the middle of a straight section of pipe, away from elbows and valves, so as to avoid the influence of turbulence on internal sensors
2.2 it is recommended that the user install the flow switch on the horizontal pipe and insert it vertically into the pipe. If it has to be installed on a vertical pipe, it needs to flow upward
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