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Pressure Differential

  • GE-201 Industry Pressure Transmitter
GE-201 Industry Pressure Transmitter

GE-201 Industry Pressure Transmitter

 GE-201 Industrial Pressure Transmitter is a standard version which is designed with precision compensated technology, this industrial pressure transmitter has the character of exact accuracy and high stability .With the most advanced piezoresistive pressure transmitter design technology, A.YITE Compamy's products adopt many kinds of new technology, and enjoy the character of all stainless steel structure, various industrial standard signal output, wide range measuring. It is suitable for precision hydraulics measuring in all kind of fields.

* Ranges: 0~1 to 0~450bar
* Accuracy: 0.1%FS, 0.25%FS
* Output: 4-20mA; 0-5V; 0-10V
* Over pressure: 150%FS 
* Power supply: 24(12-36V)DC

* Various industrial standard signal output
* Various electrical connector available
* Certain stock for shortening delivery time 
* High accuracy, free of calibration
* Compact dimension design

 Industrial Pressure Transmitter Transducer
     This Industrial Pressure Transmitter is designed by the Miami A.YITE Electronic Laboratory, with high performance, very stability, low price. It has various pressure port modes and signal output modes, greatly meeting the requirement of customers. This series is suitable for all kinds of industrial process measuring and controlling.


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