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Pressure Differential

  • Differential Pressure switches with stainless steel body
Differential Pressure switches with stainless steel body

Differential Pressure switches with stainless steel body

  • CE certificate
  • SS304 material in standard
  • SS316 SS316Ti PVC PTFE in option
  • Adjustable action point
  • Product description: GE-511C differential pressure switches adopt stainless steel material, dirt resistant, sterile, sanitary. This differential pressure switch offers a large adjustable pressure range for the pressure se
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX
This differential pressure switch is similar as UE 24-01 series and Dywer DXW-11-153 series differential pressure switch, could replace them with a very low price, to save the cost for the end user.

The pressure differential switch will react to pressure difference of two points, If the pressure between these points is higher than the pressure setpoint, then it "reacts". The GE-511 Differential Pressure switch adpot stainless steel material or brass material, smart structure, easy install, easy adjust.stainless steel differential pressure switches

The Differential Pressure Switch is a new type pressure and flow monitor switch, when the water flow (differential pressure) in system rises up or falls down to one set value, it will output a warning or sent switch-off signal to automatic control system. And it could also be used to indicate the status of pump or water filter.

It could avoid the shortcomings of annual inspection or changing target flow switch for water chiller unit so it could be applied widely in the water protection, status feedback of pump and by-pass control of differential pressure in evaporator and condenser in medium and large sized water chiller unit.

* Max Voltage 250V, Max Current 3A
* Output: Single SPDT Switch
* Connection: G1/4" Female or NPT1/4"
* Material: SS304 SS316L or Brass or PTFE PVC
* Diaphragm: NBR
* Max Static Pressure: 20bar
* Repeatability: 1% Span
* Accuracy: 0.001Mpa
* Easy External Adjustment

* NEMA 4 Enclosure, Watertight Conduit Connector


Adjustable Range of setpoint



0.87psi -14.5psi (6-100Kpa)



1.45psi ~ 29psi (10-200Kpa)



2.9psi ~ 43.5psi (20-300Kpa)



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