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User Manual of GE-313 Corrosion Proof Flow Switches

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Product overview:

Ge-313 corrosion-resistant flow switch is a baffle type water flow switch which uses synthetic Teflon as raw material. All parts contacting with the fluid are made of composite tetrafluorocarbon material. It has excellent corrosion-resistant performance and can be used in various corrosive fluids at normal temperature, such as chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, printing plants, printing and dyeing plants, etc.

1、 Electrical connection

Ge-313 Teflon corrosion resistant flow switch adopts passive dry contact reed with maximum load of 70W, 12V or 24V is recommended. If it is necessary to use 220V or higher voltage, use relay to control the circuit.

2、 Cutting of target paddle
2.1 the target length is 70mm or 120mm by default. Users can freely cut the required length according to their own conditions. Generally, it is recommended that the target plate can reach the center line of the pipeline. If the water flow is full, the target plate can not reach the center line of the pipeline.
(if the liquid flow rate is too fast, it is recommended to cut the target piece properly, and the length inserted into the pipeline is about 15-20 mm, so as to avoid the piece being too long and suffering from too much impact force, which will break the piece.)
2.2 the length of the target has a considerable impact on the flow setting value. The larger the length of the target in the pipeline, the smaller the flow setting value; otherwise, the shorter the target remains in the pipeline, the larger the flow setting value.

3、 Connection to pipes
3.1 ge-313 flow switch adopts 3 / 4 "inch thread, i.e. 6-minute internal thread. The maximum pressure of the pipe is 3kg (plastic nut) or 10kg (stainless steel nut).
3.2 it is recommended that the user install the flow switch on the horizontal pipe and insert it vertically into the pipe. If it must be installed on the vertical pipe, please consult us, we will provide reliable installation method
3.3 we are equipped with PVC external thread adapter (to be purchased separately), as shown in the figure below, one end is connected with our flow switch, the other end is connected with the internal thread on the user's pipe (both British and Metric). PVC is 4mm thick and can be connected with metal thread.



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