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Electronic differential pressure switch instead of mechanical differential pressure switch will be a trend

Mechanical differential pressure switch, of course, also is not good for nothing, some outstanding difference switch design, high pressure resistance, and corrosion resistant performance, such as 101NN differential pressure switch, using PTFE membrane, can be used in corrosive liquid, and can withstand very high static pressure, the contact of the switch capacity is very big, the biggest by current can be up to 15A

101NN Single Diaphragm Differential Pressure Switches

101NN Single Diaphragm Differential Pressure Switches

Application fields of electronic differential pressure switch:

Widely used in hydroelectricity, tap water, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries, field measurement, display and control of differential pressure/fluid medium pressure

What advantage does electronic differential pressure switch have over traditional mechanical differential pressure switch?

1. The electronic display is more convenient and accurate in reading

2. Longer service life

3. Good shock resistance

4. High measurement accuracy

5. There can be two Settings,

6. Simple and convenient debugging. Traditional mechanical differential pressure switch requires separate installation of pressure gauges for pressure adjustment, and requires the installation personnel to have certain debugging experience, otherwise it may take a very long time to successfully debug. And the electronic differential pressure switch only needs to be adjusted by pressing the buttons on the panel, just like operating a mobile phone, very simple and convenient
Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points
No need calibrate, easy adjust by Pressing Button Key, Made by A.YITE TECH

For the consideration of ease of labor and worry, installation technicians, especially those who are less experienced, are more inclined to let purchasing personnel buy electronic differential pressure switches for easy installation and debugging.



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