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The importance to install a air velocity transmitter in the Flue Gas Duct

The velocity of flue gas in the flue must be measured and monitored continuously. The velocity must not be too high or too low. This leads to the use of the heat-resistant flue gas velocimeter, also known as the air velocity transmitter, also known as the air volume sensor. According to the principle of measuring the velocity of pitot tube gas, the pitot tube is directly opposite to the direction of airflow and the negative end is opposite to the direction of airflow. The microprocessor continuously collects the signals of dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature sensor and automatically calculates the values of dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature, and then automatically calculates the flow rate, actual flow rate and standard flow rate of gas in boiler, furnace and various exhaust pipes according to the input values of atmospheric pressure, humidity, pipe sectional area and other parameters.

ATEX Air Wind Flow Velocity Meter

ATEX Explosion Proof Air Flow Velocity Transmitter
0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA RS-485, max temperature 600C

Through the installation of high temperature resistance flue gas velocity sensor, real-time monitoring of flue gas velocity, so that the process can run in the optimal condition. At the same time, the GE-374 series of flue gas flow velocity sensors can customize one or two sets of upper and lower limit alarm signals. When the flue gas is too low or too high, the alarm switch signal can be sent to inform relevant personnel to check and adjust the equipment in time.



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