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Application of Explosion-proof Air Flow Velocity Sensor in air supply system of high temperature workshop of Glass Factory

Application of explosion-proof wind speed sensor in air supply system of high temperature workshop in glass factory

Wind speed sensor is also known as air volume transmitter, air pipe air flow transmitter, air flow meter and other names. Ge-374-ex explosion-proof and high temperature resistant wind speed sensor produced by Hong Kong Yite company adopts explosion-proof and waterproof shell, and uses explosion-proof principle to realize explosion-proof for electrical components, so as to meet the requirements of inflammable and explosive places. The sensor adopts stainless steel pitot tube structure, with the maximum bearing temperature of 600 ℃.

ATEX Air Wind Flow Velocity Meter

ATEX Explosion Proof Air Flow Velocity Transmitter
0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA RS-485, max temperature 600C

As we all know, the workshop of the glass factory is a place with very high temperature and a lot of dust, which requires the instruments in the workshop to have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and try to use explosion-proof products to prevent the explosion event caused by the excessive dust concentration. Therefore, ge-374ex explosion-proof and high temperature resistant air volume transmitter is very suitable to be installed in the ventilation system of the glass factory.

Now every factory pays great attention to the workshop environment such as ventilation, cooling and air cleaning. A working environment with cool and clean air has a direct impact on the health and mood of workers. The ventilation and cooling of workshop can reduce the temperature of workshop and workshop and reduce people's pressure on heat. In addition, it can timely discharge carbon dioxide and other pollutants such as high-temperature dust and unpleasant smell from the production process, and achieve scientific air change times in the workshop within a unit time, so as to improve the working environment.

The basic purpose of ventilation engineering in the glass factory is to supply fresh air to ensure people's health and air quality in the working environment. The ventilation system in the workshop of glass factory is to provide a healthier, safer and more comfortable working environment, so we recommend to install ge-374 series explosion-proof and high temperature resistant air volume transmitter, so that the operation of the ventilation system can be monitored in real time, the amount of air volume and the size of wind speed can be checked in real time, so as to realize the precise control of the air supply system in the high temperature workshop of glass factory.



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