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Application Field and Notes of Digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Digital air differential pressure transmitter, widely used in boilers, mine ventilation air supply, central air conditioning, duct wind, building automation, such as electric power, coal industry pressure process, laboratory with air pressure requirements, fire engineering with indoor gas pressure control, at the same time, it can replace traditional remote pressure gauge, remote data transmission and so on field pressure required.

Digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

GE-923  Digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Application field of digital Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Digital air differential pressure transmitter can generally choose 4-20ma 0-10v 0-5v remote signal, or RS485 signal output based on the standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

Digital air differential pressure transmitters generally use a four-digit display to display differential pressure in real time, and the pressure signal can be transmitted far away, usually over a distance of more than 1000 meters. It is mainly used in boiler air supply, underground ventilation, central air conditioning, air duct wind, building self-control and other electric power, coal industry pressure process, laboratory with pressure requirements, indoor air pressure control for fire engineering, but also can replace the traditional remote pressure gauge, the need for remote pressure data transmission and other fields.

A powerful function, the user can change the pressure unit, calibration error, correction filter constant and so on. Usually RS485 output type also has address setting, baud rate selection and other functions. Especially suitable for replacing the traditional pointer differential gauge or pressure transmitter with display.

Notes for digital air differential pressure transmitter
1. The instrument shall be placed in a dust-free and corrosion-free environment; If there are special environmental requirements, need to choose the corresponding products under the corresponding environment. For example, in explosion-proof environment, the GE-923-Ex flameproof air differential pressure transmitter of A.YITE brand should be selected.
2. When the instrument is not in use, the power should be turned off to avoid electric shock.
3, the instrument should choose the appropriate range, so that the differential pressure transmitter has enough overload capacity, but do not seriously overload, otherwise it will cause damage to the sensor, resulting in the instrument can not be used.
4. Without professional testing skills and special testing equipment, do not open the startup cover for maintenance, and do not allow adjustment of internal devices and replacement of materials, otherwise the reliability of the instrument cannot be guaranteed.
5. Install and operate correctly in strict accordance with the instructions.



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