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Attention for the Application of Electronic Differential Pressure Switch

Intelligent digital differential pressure switch is a new type of sensor with high precision and stability, which can be used in many fields.

The intelligent digital display differential pressure switch adopts high-precision and stable pressure sensor, and realizes the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of medium pressure signal through special CPU modular signal processing technology. Intelligent digital display differential pressure gauge can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, automatic production line, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic system, water supply and other fields to measure and control the pressure of various gases and liquids. It is an ideal intelligent measurement and control instrument in the industrial field.

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

Digital Differential Pressure Switches with 2 set points

1. The intelligent digital display differential pressure switch belongs to the field of precision instruments and meters, so it must be handled with care during transportation, storage, installation and use, and cannot be hit or collided, and the storage place should also be ventilated and dry.

2. Make sure that the position of the internal components of the intelligent digital display differential pressure switch cannot be changed, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected. When installing the digital display differential pressure switch, make sure to set the parameters within the rated allowable range according to the installation steps in the operation instructions.

3. To prevent damage of differential pressure switch, the user shall slowly open and close the valve. When measuring the gas medium, in order to ensure the stability of the system equipment, if the pressure fluctuates greatly, the intelligent pressure switch should be equipped with gas damper to reduce the impact of the intelligent pressure shock. In addition, if the surrounding environment has adverse effects on the intelligent differential pressure switch, different treatment measures should be taken according to different conditions such as vibration, high and low temperature environment.

4. When the intelligent digital differential pressure switch is used for a long time, in order to avoid frequent maintenance, the measured medium must meet the measurement requirements of the intelligent pressure switch and will not damage the intelligent pressure switch medium, otherwise it will not only affect the measurement accuracy, but also damage the pressure switch. After each use of the pressure switch, it must be cleaned, inspected, maintained by a special operator to form a good maintenance habit, which is an important prerequisite to ensure the service life of the intelligent pressure switch.

differential pressure switches for the auto flushback filter

Differential Pressure Switches for the Auto Backflush Filter

Precautions for differential pressure switch

Differential pressure switches are widely used in high and low pressure protection control scenarios, steam conditions and power stations; accumulators, receivers, flash tanks, separators, scrubbers, oil refining units, etc. It is also suitable for high and low pressure control of various equipment and tools. However, when selecting the differential pressure switch, the following points should be noted:

1. Explosion proof
2. Number of contacts: one SPDT Switch (one output) or two SPDT contacts (two outputs).
3. The pressure range of the differential pressure switch shall be selected according to the corresponding environment. For example, if the maximum static pressure and the regulating range of differential pressure setting value exceed a certain pressure range, the diaphragm in the differential pressure switch may be damaged due to excessive pressure.



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