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User Manual of Air Negative Differential Pressure Switches

Product overview:

Air micro differential pressure switch, also called wind pressure switch or differential pressure switch, can measure the differential pressure, negative pressure or gauge pressure (static pressure), and convert the pressure signal into the on / off of the switch to control the circuit. The product can also intuitively rotate the knob to the required pressure according to the field needs, and can ensure the accuracy of the pressure.

Measuring medium: This product can detect the weak change of air, non combustible or non corrosive gas

Environmental requirements:
Working temperature: - 40 ℃ + 85 ℃
Maximum working pressure: 10KPA
Installation mode: vertical installation (interface direction is perpendicular to horizontal plane)
Horizontal installation (20Pa higher than the factory set pressure)
Note: the user shall determine the installation mode, and then set the pressure by the factory.
Service life: 1 million times
Electrical specification: 1.5A (0.4) / 250V~
Protection grade: IP54

Product certification: CE

Pressure connection (connection of air duct):

The pressure connection mode of air micro differential pressure switch produced by Hong Kong Aite Co., Ltd. is two φ 6-shaped joints, φ 7 hose connection and hose connection (see above). Mark "+" and "-" respectively at positive pressure end (high pressure) and low pressure end (vacuum). In order to obtain the fastest response time, it is recommended that the length of hose with inner diameter of φ 5 should not exceed 15m.


Wiring of air micro differential pressure switch:

Wiring diagram of air micro differential pressure switch

Loosen the upper cover screws and open the upper cover. The terminal block can be seen. The cable enters the shell through the waterproof locking device and is fixed on the terminal board. The SPDT electrical connection mode of the air micro differential pressure switch is shown in the figure above: 3 is the common terminal, 2 is the normally open contact, and 1 is the normally closed contact

Commissioning and calibration of air micro differential pressure switch:
This series of air micro differential pressure controller has been strictly calibrated before leaving the factory. When in use, it can also rotate the scale to the arrow position according to the field needs. , do not adjust the knob easily unless you need to. The factory calibration is carried out in the vertical position (the interface is vertical to the horizontal), and its pressure will produce small drift when it is used in other directions.
Factory default vertical installation calibration pressure, less than 50 bar, please do not install horizontally!



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