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User Manual of Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

Applicable model of this manual:

Ge-920 series metal housing air micro differential pressure transmitter wind pressure sensor
Ge-923 Series LCD display plastic case air micro differential pressure transmitter wind pressure sensor

Product overview:
The air micro differential pressure transmitter produced by Hong Kong Aite company adopts a new generation of magnetoelectric sensor technology, with a maximum range of - 1000kPa ~ 0 ~ + 10000kpa, which can measure the differential pressure, positive pressure, negative pressure and positive and negative pressure; it adopts a waterproof and dust-proof shell, which can prevent electronic interference and has a flame retardant effect. The gas differential pressure transmitter has the advantages of high sensitivity, high precision, strong anti overload ability, zero point and full degree adjustable on site. Explosion proof design available, exdiict6

Functional features:
1. Good stability, long-term stability of fullness and zero position can reach 1% FS / year. In the compensation temperature range of 0-70 ℃, the temperature drift is less than 1% FS, and less than 1% FS in the whole allowable working temperature range.

2. It has reverse protection and current limiting protection circuit. When the positive and negative poles are connected reversely during installation, the transmitter will not be damaged. In case of abnormality, the transmitter will automatically limit the current within 35mA.

3. solid structure, no movable parts, high reliability and long service life.

4. High precision measurement can be carried out from wind pressure to steam, which is not affected by the mass of measured medium.

Air line connection of air pressure transmitter:

1. During installation, check whether the field interface is consistent with the product interface according to the product connection mode and thread type. When connecting, tighten it slowly. Do not directly add the torque to the transmitter shell, but only to the six sides of the pressure interface.

2. The overload pressure of air micro differential pressure transmitter shall not exceed 500% of the range
3. Connect Ф 8 air hose. The interface with "+" mark is connected with gas positive pressure, and the interface with "-" mark is connected with gas negative pressure


Electrical wiring precautions and wiring diagram of wind pressure transmitter

(1) Wiring diagram of wind pressure transmitter with 0-5V or 0-10V voltage type output signal

(2) Wiring diagram of 4-20mA or 0-20mA current type output signal wind pressure sensor

(3) Wiring diagram of MV / V type output signal air micro differential pressure transmitter



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