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User Manual of GE-315 Paddle Flow Switches

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GE-315 Paddle Flow Switches

GE-315 Paddle Flow Switches

Product overview:
GE-315 flow switch is an adjustable baffle type water flow switch. This product is very similar to the um3k ur3k series water flow switch of Honsberg brand and the vhs15m vhs20m vhs25m of Sika brand. It can be used as an alternative to each other. This product is produced by Hong Kong Yite company, with EU CE certification and reliable quality. The principle of the water flow switch is: the water flow pushes the baffle, and then triggers the switch action.
1、 Electrical connection

Ge-315 flow switch outputs SPDT Switch signal. When leaving the factory, we lead the COM / no / NC of microswitch to the 2 / 1 / 3 terminal number on the waterproof connector respectively. Refer to the wiring diagram on the label, and select normally open or normally closed as required.

The contact capacity of the switch, the maximum allowable voltage is 250VAC, lower than this voltage value can be used; the maximum current value is 5A. When the voltage is 220V, the maximum allowable current is 3A; when the voltage is 5-125v, the maximum current can be 5A.

Terminals 1 and 3 are normally open. When there is no water flow, the two contacts are open. When there is water flow and the flow is greater than the set value, the two contacts are open and closed.

Terminals 2 and 1 are normally closed, and the triggering state is opposite to that of terminals 1 and 3.

2、 Connection to pipes

The installation position of ge-315 flow switch is generally installed in the pipeline from the water outlet of water pump to the water outlet of equipment. It is better not to install it in the pipeline from the water inlet of water pump, so that the water pump cannot absorb water normally and the water flow switch cannot be opened. Special attention should be paid to this point. Baffle type water flow switch allows horizontal (plastic part on top) and vertical installation. X is not recommended. The flow switch must be installed on a straight pipe section with at least 5 times of pipe diameter on both sides. See the figure below:

When installing the baffle type water flow switch, it should be noted that the water flow direction in the pipe must be consistent with the arrow direction on the junction box of the water flow switch, otherwise the water flow switch cannot work.



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