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  • PVC PTFE Solenoid Valve
PVC PTFE Solenoid Valve

PVC PTFE Solenoid Valve

  • all wetted parts are plastic
  • Product description: PP plastic solenoid valve is made of PVC or PTFE Teflon. All parts in contact with the liquid are made of PVC or PTFE Teflon. The liquid is completely isolated from the metal parts of the solenoid val
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX
1. Series:
U-PVC Solenoid Valve: GE-515-PVC (all wetted parts are U-PVC)
C-pvc Solenoid Valve: GE-515-CPVC (all wetted parts are c-pvc)
PTFE Teflon Solenoid Valve: GE-515-PTFE (all wetted parts are  PTFE)

2. Technology data:
Sealing material: EPDM, FKM, Viton and other materials
Fluid: water, acid, alkali, salt
Connection: Female thread  or Flange
Working pressure: 0 ~ 1.5m water column (direct acting); 0.01 ~ 0.6MPa (pilot type)
Medium temperature: Max 50 C (PVC);  max 95 ° C (CPVC);  max 150 ° C (PTFE)
DC voltage: DC24V / DC12V. Other voltages can be customized
AC voltage: AC110V, AC220V, AC24V, ac36v

Control mode: normally closed or normally open

3. Optional diameter of plastic solenoid valve:
DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40 DN50
Femal Thread or Flange 


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