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Water Analysis

  • GE-132 PH ORP Analysis Online Meter
GE-132 PH ORP Analysis Online Meter

GE-132 PH ORP Analysis Online Meter

  • CE certificate
  • Customized Service
  • Product description: PH ORP measurement analyzer could work for PH and ORP(Oxidative redox potential) in water monitor field, it could show the temperature at the same time.
  • ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 CE ATEX
It could work for Environmentally friendly water treatment,Power Station, Fermentation Engineering, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Mining industry, Paper industry, Medicine, Food & Beverage , Aquaculture,Modern farming.

    * Flexibility, reliability and low maintenance
     * Temperature compensation 
    * 2 alarm relay (GE-132B)
    * RS485//RS232 Communication Interface Optional
    * Menu operation mode & Password protection 
    * 128*64 Large LCD display

1. Measuring Range: 
* pH: 0~14.00pH; 
* ORP: -1999mV ~ +1999mV; 
* Temperature: -5C ~110C 

2. The Basic Error:
* PH: -/+0.1PH(GE-132A); -/+0.01PH(GE-132B)
* ORP: -/+3mV(GE-132A); -/+2mV(GE-132B)
* Temperature: -/+0.5C(GE-132A); -/+0.3C(GE-132B)

3. Current Output: 0~10mA or 4~20mA
4. 2 Alarm Relay: 3A 240VAC (Max)
5. Power Consumption: 220V~240VAC <3W; 110V<2W; 24VDC<1W;
6. Optional: RS485//RS232 Communication Interface & Temperature Output (for GE-132B)

PH/ORP  Electrode:
* PHD-01: 1-14PH 0~80C glass electrode for sewage, industy water, river water
* PHD-02: 1-14PH 0~80C glass electrode for pure water, Boiler water
* PHD-03: 1-14PH 0~80C Antimony electrode for Hydrofluoric water
* PHD-04: 1-14PH 0~130C PTFE glass electrode for High Temperature water
* PHD-05: 1-14PH 0~130C Easyferm Plus 120 electrode for Fermentation & Medicine


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