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How to do if flow switch can not start pump?

when old workshop renovation, installed a few flow switches to protect the pump, but during debugging, because the flow switch can not monitor the flow changes, the pump can not start, how is this? How to debug the flow switch to achieve the purpose of starting the pump?

Generally, the flow switch is used to detect whether the pipeline is blocked, or the pipeline is cut off, to send an alarm signal, to prevent the pump from idling, or the machine is dry burning, or after pumping the pump automatically stop, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine or the pump.

However, the flow switch detects the signal only when the device is running. If the flow switch is simply connected in series to the control circuit of the pump, when the machine is just started, because there is no flow, the flow switch cannot send a closing signal, then the pump cannot be turned on. This has nothing to do with the location of the flow switch, this is a circuit connection error problem.

In the state of no flow, flow switch open point is not closed, the pump control circuit is closed, the pump can not start. To solve this problem, add a parallel manual switch to the flow switch, that is, add a bypass switch. Before starting the pump, close the bypass switch of the flow switch to guide, after starting the pump, because of the flow, flow switch began to guide, then can disconnect the bypass switch, let the flow switch play a protective role. Through this debugging method, we can perfectly solve the debugging problem that the pump can not start after installing the flow switch.

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Flow switch is a very useful product, its variety is very many, product quality is also very different, the price is high and low. Flow switch not only can protect the pump, but also can be used as laser cooling water cut off protection, boiler cooling water cut off alarm and other functions. We suggest the flow switch selection technical personnel, in the selection of flow switch, not blindly greedy cheap, because the flow switch protection of machinery and equipment is very valuable, must choose a stable performance of the product, otherwise once the problem, will cause heavy losses.

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