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What is the function of the flow switch

The function of the flow switch is mainly low flow alarm, or high flow alarm, also known as upper and lower limit alarm. Flow switch is generally mechanical flow switch, because of the short life of electronic products, electronic flow switch is generally used when the mechanical flow switch can not meet the needs of users. General mechanical flow switch can only have upper or lower limit alarm, electronic flow switch can have upper and lower limit alarm at the same time.

Function of low flow alarm of flow switch (lower limit alarm)
1. Water pump cut off alarm to prevent water pump idling;
2. Stop flow alarm of laser machine to prevent dry burning of laser machine;
3. The water flow of the filter is too small to be detected. When the filter is blocked, a warning signal should be issued in time to start the backwashing process of the filter.
4. Gear oil cut-off alarm, so as to avoid the machine in the case of no lubricating oil dry turn, wear machine

Function of high flow alarm of flow switch (upper limit alarm)

Fire water tank outlet installed flow switch, when the hydrant spraying water, reached a certain flow, indicating that the fire extinguishing system has been started, then the flow switch needs to start the fire pump in time to replenish water

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