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The important role of flow switch in the seal water system:

Although the high-pressure water in the feed pump passes through the seal, there is still a certain pressure. In order to prevent the water in the feed pump from leaking through the gap between the shaft and the seal, the water source is introduced from the outlet of the condensate pump or the main demineralized water pipe as the seal water.

The water in the feed pump is water with a certain temperature. High temperature water will transfer heat to the bearing through the pump shaft or pump body metal, so that the bearing temperature will rise. In order to control the heat transfer, the sealing water also plays a cooling role. When the seal water passes through the seal, the water forms a water film between the shaft and the seal to prevent the gap between the shaft and the seal from leaking out, resulting in a large amount of working medium loss; at the same time, the high-temperature water supply will transfer the heat to the bearing through the pump shaft and the pump body metal to raise the bearing temperature. If the seal water is missing, there will be serious consequences.

flow switch for seal water

[Flow Switch for sea water, GE-343 series, with a flow indicator to show the flow rate of seal water]

If the appropriate seal water flow switch is not installed, the water shortage alarm signal can not be sent out in time, and the bearing will be burned in case of serious problems; the gap between the high-speed rotating shaft and the seal is very small, when the seal water is lost, the water film here will be damaged, and the friction between the shaft and the seal is likely to occur, which will increase the vibration of the feed pump Heavy load will cause equipment damage. The return water of sealing water is generally led into condenser by multi-stage water seal pipe. The principle of mechanical seal cooling is to use circulating softened water to remove the friction heat generated by the relative rotation of dynamic and static rings, reduce the service temperature and extend the service life.



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