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the water flow switch of GSHP cannot be turned on

Advantages of differential pressure flow switch:
1. It can be directly installed in the unit by the factory, and the components installed on site will not affect the accuracy of its flow control, and there is no requirement for the diameter of the main water pipe.
2. The action and reset of the differential pressure flow switch have a clear flow value, even if there is a small amount of air in the water system, it will not float, mainly because there are fewer moving parts, and there is no risk of fatigue damage to the moving parts. Due to the high stability of the differential pressure switch, there will be no misoperation

The controller does not need to delay the water flow signal as long as 10-30 seconds like the target flow switch, so as to avoid the freezing damage of the heat exchanger caused by the delayed compressor stop when the water flow is insufficient.
The differential pressure flow switch can accurately control the flow

3.When the water flow cannot reach the reset flow, it can not be started. It is convenient for the user to find out the problem of the external water system of the unit, and reduce the hidden trouble. When the system flow is lower than 50% of the rated flow (recommended value), cut off the main engine to prevent the freezing
4. The differential pressure type flow switch can not accurately control the flow change caused by scaling or fouling inside the heat exchanger. The higher limit set point can be used to precisely control the increase of the differential pressure of the heat exchanger caused by scaling or fouling and the actual flow is too small.



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